behind the lens

meet the photographer


i have always loved taking photos, and launched what would end up becoming a full-fledged passion when my parents gave me a dslr for my 15th birthday. since then, i have developed a collection of bodies and lenses, and i often rent new lenses for my specific needs.

my favorite things to shoot are horses and their riders, whether it be stylized portraits or action shots. i also specialize in stylized portraits (bloggers, senior portraits, styled portraits, and engagements) and headshots. over the course of 7 years, i have developed a keen ability to photograph people in a way that captures their personality, something, as an actor myself, i know is incredibly important when choosing the "perfect" headshot.

when i'm not shooting or in a rehearsal, i love spending time with my horse, and there are definitely plenty of photos of him to prove it.

my inspiration at the moment is defiitely jessica whitaker, a seattle based photographer and social media influencer. when i'm at a loss or running out of ideas, i always reference her work.

i recently started blogging! i began writing publicly as a means of keeping my parents up to date on all of my adventures while i studied abroad in oxford this summer through yale and bada's midsummer in oxford program. i got to study shakespeare for four weeks while living in the center of oxford. it was a dream!


when i'm not rushing down fifth avenue in stilettos or lugging my scripts to studio, you can find me riding. horses have always been my fun, little fantasy world. i started riding every summer at my aunt's barn on long island, and it was my favorite part of the year. when i started going to nyu, i made it a weekly fantasy. that weekly outing turned into a bi-weekly adventure, which eventually evolved into a multi-weekly mission to be a competitive rider, and now has me preoccupied four to six times a week. riding feeds me in ways acting cannot: there is a technical perfection that can be achieved, and it demands physical specificity that acting can sometimes forgive. it is my therapy, and definitely the only thing that nurtures my soul in the midst of bustling taxis and clueless tourists.