oxford: first impressions

the cloisters

the cloisters


well, i dropped the ball and took very few photos this week. excellent start.

please enjoy pictures from my iphone.

travel is not exactly a point of interest, so i will spend few words on it-- planes are crowded, there were crying babies, the food was disgusting, and my legs cramped up the entire time.

my aunt and uncle who have lived in london for 30+ years were beyond generous and picked me up from heathrow to drive me an hour to oxford. they have a cute mini coop, so it was a little cramped, but fun.

arrival in oxford was a bit hectic.

high street

high street

i'm lucky enough to be living in the middle of oxford on high street, and my building is hundreds of years old. the porter laughed at me when i asked if they had an elevator, because i'm staying on the top floor of my building, which, mind you, is a medieval building. medieval.

(four flights of stairs a dozen times a day gets exhausting really quickly)

i'm spending the summer with BADA, which works with the yale school of drama for their summer programs. every one of us had to audition for the dean of students and two other faculty members so they could place us into groups-- i'm pretty sure i forgot how to act when i walked into the room.

thankfully, i have a lovely group and i'm making friends.



most importantly, i found a barn to ride at. it's a 10-minute cab ride; £5 each way, which is a relief. lessons here are so much cheaper than they are in the states. i rode this sweet dressage horse named thomas, and he was a star. he's in his early twenties, so we spent most of our time getting warm and loose so that i could ask for more connection. once he gets going, he's a star. i did a real leg yield for the first time. i did get frustrated at times, because dressage is so unfamiliar to me as its own discipline, and there's so much work that goes into it. mad respect for dressage riders.

i have a jumping lesson next week!



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