oxford: if music be the food of love, play on

i wanted to write about this in all of my blog posts, but i'm so excited about it that i decided to give it its own post, especially because all of my other ones are longer and clouded with exciting news of guest classes and hamlet (guys, i am still not over hamlet).

i've discovered something new that fills me from the crown to the toe top-full: writing music to shakespeare text.

so many of his plays have music, but a lot of the poetry in his plays fits beautifully to music. thus far, i have written music to cymbeline ("fear no more the heat of the sun"), the tempest ("where the bee sucks"), romeo and juliet ("gallop apace"), and hamelt (ophelia's mad song). i am also working on as you like it ("think not i love him"), othello (desdemona's song), and love's labors lost ("when daisies pied").

ugh, honestly i'm just sitting here across the pond geeking out over writing music to shakespeare and other people loving it and writing songs for my friends to sing and just wanting to do this forever. and now i have all of this music written, and a lot of it in the works, and i don't know what to do with all of it.

honestly, my dream is to put on an evening called "a midsummer night's picnic" where it's totally free and people bring picnic blankets and wine to a huge park somewhere in new york (probably brooklyn because that feels like the most ridiculous thing to do for something so ridiculous) and everyone sits around enjoying music. and it won't even be a performance or a "show". it'll just be me dorking out on my guitar and all of my favorite people getting wine tipsy. that's my dream.

so if anyone wants to give me some park, that would be grand.

anyway, here's "wonderwall"...

"gallop apace" from romeo and juliet. i wrote this for my friend lucy, but i'll post her singing it once we have a chance to sit down and record.