when i met raz at team try-outs for the team at nyu, i was honestly very intimidated by her. we rode together for our last semester in school, and didn’t get closer until after we graduated. raz is a rockstar, bad ass, and one of the most reliable people i know. she’s honest with me when i need to buck up after a bad ride and get over myself, and my right hand woman when i’m working through barn drama or professional roadblocks. she is also one of the most driven people i know, and i’m very glad that shined through when i tried talking her out of her new mare (who i was wrong about… she’s amazing).

my going away gift to raz was these photos, and they are now some of my most cherished work. she was on it the whole time, and just so happy to be with her girls. the week after, she brought both of them to my barn to school around the cross country field, and it is one of my favorite memories with her (and also the last time we saw each other before she moved all the way to los angeles).

my dear, i am grateful for every moment we have shared: galloping bareback on the beach, deep dish pizza in between clipping horses, sunset rides with chanel (aka cha cha, aka your goddaughter). i cannot wait to see you, queen leesi, and the pocket rocket in december.

love you. miss you. kick butt in la.


shelby + chanel