equine photography

from your first show to your senior pictures, photos with your forever horse can be some of your most precious. iphones can do a good job at grabbing a quick shot of your horse laying down in its stall or you posing with a ribbon at your favorite show, but nothing beats professional quality when you're capturing moments between you and your pony to last a lifetime. portrait sessions capturing your pony looking their best, and are perfect for hanging in your home. horse and rider sessions are designed to capture private moments between you and your partner, flourishing these moments with beautiful light and your favorite outfit. read more below!

the devon.

$250 // horse
5-7 edited images
black + white backgrounds
high resolution downloads
printing credit
group rates available for barns


the wellington.

horse + rider
two looks
+ $150 // additional horse
+ $100 // additional look
high resolution downloads
printing credit


the lexington.

horse + rider shoot
portrait session
one horse, two looks
+ $275 // additional horse
+ $100 // look
high resolution downloads
print credit


the tryon.

$200 // pet
portraits + lifestyle shots
10-12 images
high resolution downloads
print credit


on location.

lifestyle barn shoot:
covering everything from the ring to the tack room, this package is perfect for anyone looking to spruce up their website and advertising platforms

2 hours of coverage
+ $150 // additional hour


preparing for your shoot

what should i wear?

whatever you feel most comfortable in! wear an outfit you love, whether it's your whites or your favorite dress. jeans are great with a clean top. i would steer clear of open-toed shoes, though.

how do i prepare my pony?

three simple steps: clean bridle, clean coat, clean tail. we want your pony to look its best, and grass stains aren't always easy to edit out. soap those socks and trim that mane. braids are optional, and i always encourage painted feet.

what do we need for a portrait session?

i don't use lights or backdrops, and the only accessory i'll bring is a mirror. peppermint crinkling is enough, and i try to reward the horses as much as possible for their patience. we will shoot in a clean swept aisle facing light with any lights inside the barn off.

what bridle should i use?

i prefer to shoot with hunter bridles or figure eights. i would steer clear of double bridles, pelhams, and elevators. snaffles are encouraged, even if your horse doesn't go in them. bit guards should be taken off, as well as the reins for portrait sessions. have a shank available to loop through the bit for portrait shots.


“i knew these pictures were going to mean a lot to me and shelby went above and beyond my expectations! she managed to capture how much i love my horse through a camera and I now have pictures that I will treasure forever. she made the shoot feel so natural and was great about answering the hundreds of questions i had before the shoot.”