KAREN + WITH WINGS + CELINE // wellington, fl

i was lucky enough to work with karen for an upcoming edition of sidelines. while i cannot release all of the photos at this time, i was able to include a few sneak peaks below! i cannot wait to share the rest of the session.


elli is a repeat client of mine, and one of the most fun at that! her horses are gorgeous and always so easy to work with. this past fall, we shot a spotlight for sidelines, and i cannot wait to be able to share the rest of the shoot!

EMILY + JORDAN + CODY // new york, ny

while waking up at the crack of the dawn is often challenging, sunrise in central park is worth skipping snooze on your alarm clock. emily, jordan, and cody definitely made bracing the cold on top of all of it worth it. they adorable (and spunky) pup cody joined us for their shoot, and their gracious and close friends hung out with us to help hold cody in between shots. i could not believe the colors, and loved laughing with everyone all morning. i cannot wait to shoot their wedding next year!

MARY KATE + WHITE DIAMONDS // st. augustine, fl

mary kate + mia made all of my spanish moss dreams come true for my last shoot of 2019 (literally). we closed out 2019 with a new years eve shoot with just enough time for me to run home and make dinner for my family before waiting for the ball to drop, as we have done every single year since i was born. her mom even hopped in a few shots, since the two share their adorable mare. mia was hilarious, very vocal, and incredibly expressive. i'm a sucker for a cute grey, and these three had me smiling the whole time.

this shoot helped me break in my new camera, and i was practically drooling over the in-camera previews.

i never make new years resolutions; but i am looking forward to a fun, adventurous, and fruitful 2020!

KIA + SHEENA // brooklyn, ny

to say this wedding was a dream would be an understatement. while i love every wedding i shoot, i am particularly touched by queer weddings. as an avid and enthusiastic member of the lbtqai+ community myself, i always find it hardest to hold it together. it makes me hopeful for my future, and the future of the world we get to live in, that love is no longer a privilege, but a right.

i met kia and sheena over coffee (coincidentally) the day before nyc pride. they are two peas in a pod-- kia more quiet and stoic, and sheena full of energy and incredibly organized. laughter was never sparse, and the room was filled with such love and joy over their wedding brunch. thank you for sharing your day with me, kia + sheena.

ISABELLA // miami, fl

this shoot was really special to me. i made a trip home to shoot isa's senior photos at my high school. i met this girl when we were in my junior year production of the wizard of oz (i was dorothy and she was a munchkin, naturally). it had been so exciting to watch her grow up. i started at carrollton in the 7th grade, and loved (almost) every second of it. sacred heart is a very special network of schools. they teach courage and confidence, and raised women and men to be well rounded, orienting their education around the five goals.

carrollton is in the heart of coconut grove (my favorite part of miami), and backs right up to the water. the campus is decorated by cupcakes and peacocks. it's definitely a weird place, but in the most special way. our class rings read caritas vincit omnia, which translates to love conquers all. who wouldn't love being surrounded by that every day?

like me, isa is an aspiring actress who is currently in the middle of her college auditions. it was so special to be able to go home and share this experience with her, and of course, being able to visit my favorite place in the world!

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