botori: the perfect stable-to-street wear

a few weeks ago, a woman walked into manhattan saddlery (the tack shop i work at in the city) for a few souvenirs from the store. we got to talking, and she told me she was developing a line of riding leggings that were designed for the modern equestrian.


angela was generous enough to send me a few pieces, and i could not have been more excited.

every equestrian needs a collection of baseball caps to hide their faces from the burning sun during summer, and i was so excited to receive one with their logo on it! it has already make its barn debut, and did an excellent job of hiding my helmet hair on a hot day.

their t-shirts are crazy soft, and i tied it at my waist for a cool, flattering look. i would sleep in it for the rest of my life if that weren't unhygienic.

now, let's talk about these leggings. they are the lulu lemons of riding, with the fabulously of a knee patch. they are compressive and comfortable, and riding in them gives me the feeling of wearing almost nothing. don't get me wrong-- i love my tailored sportsman, and will for the rest of my life. however, on a hot day when i'm not taking a lesson or obligated to dress up, a day when i will definitely spend some time getting my hands dirty in the barn, these are the perfect bottoms.

as someone who lives on the upper east side and has a two-hour commute each way to see my princess, comfort and duality is key. i could spend anywhere from two to twelve hours in breeches, and some times the thicker fabric of my normal breeches becomes tiresome when i'm going from the barn to a photoshoot to a work shift. these leggings are fabulous, and can be worn to the barn, to the gym, or to dinner.


i was pleasantly surprised with their transformability into street pants. i paired them with a tank, heels, my kate spade hat, and my favorite madewell blazer, and girls one the street told me to "werk it" more than once. dressing up is one of my favorite thing to do when i'm not covered in dirt and sweat, and i couldn't believe i could confidently wear these out and about. whether i'm going to the dinner or going out dancing, these pants are perfect. not to mention, they make my legs look really good.

after a wash, they did not tear, pucker, or thin out. i wash all of my high-end leggings and pants inside out, and either hang to dry or just stick them in the dryer. i choose the latter for my lulus and these pants, and their life doesn't wear.

i think every modern equestrian needs these legging. in short, here are all of the reasons i love them:

  • they are incredibly comfortable

  • i can wear them to work or the gym, and a baby wipe sweeps the dust off of them

  • wearing them three to twelve hours at a time is a pleasure, and perfect for my crazy lifestyle

  • leggings with knee patches-- who wouldn't love that? you can even get the vintage tailored sportsman patch look!

  • the high ride of the leggings keeps everything in, and doesn't bubble when you're sitting on your horse

  • they make me look so good, and don't show anything under them

  • i feel confident, sexy, and free in them

  • have i mentioned how good they make me look?

these are the perfect pants for every equestrian, especially those who need the ease of traveling from the barn to work to their personal trainer. you definitely don't want to miss out on what they have coming up. shop now with my code below!

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