hey, i'm shelby!

i am a queer, manhattan-based artist who specializes in horses and portraits. filling people’s souls with life from the bottom up is my passion, and photographing your most special moments is how i do it.

all about me.

with me, you get it all: cheerleader, planner, list keeper, and leader. your wedding day is huge with billions of details. i am a self-described enthusiastic fly-on-the-wall. i am right there when groups need to be organized and shots need to be set up, but dissolve into the background for intimate moments and lively dancing. it's your day to relax, have fun, and laugh... and it's my job to capture it all.

my style.

my style mimics the way film captures light, color, and depth, though i do shoot digitally. i believe in love in every form, and i celebrate them all. we all deserve to love and be loved in return, whether it be by our partner, pony, or pup.

what i love.

my favorite things to shoot are horses and their riders, whether it be stylized portraits or action shots... but my love of horses ties with my love of love. while weddings are long days, the finished product is a dream come true, and rewarding over and over and over again.

my experience.

over the course of 7 years, i have developed a keen ability to photograph people in a way that captures their personality, something, as an actor myself, i know is incredibly important when getting the “perfect” shot.

getting the shot.

the most important thing to me when i’m working with anyone is that the people and animals in front of my camera are comfortable and able to just be themselves. i’ve become an expert at minimizing the presence of the camera, which gives you the space to relax and enjoy our time together. most of the people i meet lead with, “i’m really awkward.” awkward is good and fun and beautiful! the more present you are able to be, and the more comfortable you become with discomfort, the more you will shine through the camera. i believe in meeting halfway to achieve the same goal: capturing a relationship, love, and life.

that horse girl.

when i'm not rushing down fifth avenue in stilettos or lugging my scripts to rehearsals, you can find me riding. horses have always been my safe space, something to turn to when i need to reset. i started riding every summer at my aunt's barn on long island, and it was my favorite part of the year. when i started at nyu, i made it a weekly saturday vacation. that weekly outing turned into a bi-weekly adventure, which eventually evolved into a multi-weekly mission to become a competitive rider, and now has me preoccupied four to six times a week. riding feeds me in ways acting cannot: there is a technical perfection that can be achieved, and it demands physical specificity that acting can sometimes forgive. it is my therapy, and definitely the only thing that nurtures my soul in the midst of bustling taxis and clueless tourists.

i was a member of nyu’s ihsa team for three years, and was lucky enough to co-captain the team my senior year. prior to co-captaining, i loved taking photos of my teammates and giving them mementos to remember their unlikely sundays with. riding is always a team effort between the horse and rider, but riding on a team of 20 girls (and the occasional guy) is a truly special experience.

my girl’s name is royal chanel, or “nel”, “nelly”, “chanelly”… you get the point. she was a very special graduation gift from my parents, and she got me through my last year of college. we spent a year doing the adult eq and rounded off our year together in the hunters. career highlights include: marshall & sterling finals, winning the hits hunter twos out of a group of 30 amateurs and professionals, pha finals, and winning our hack at old salem (our very last class together!). since my lease ended in december, i have been lucky enough to continue to half board her, and she keeps me smiling every week.

photo courtesy of nicole schultz photography and cassandra costello