this shoot was really special to me. i made a trip home to shoot isa's senior photos at my high school. i met this girl when we were in my junior year production of the wizard of oz (i was dorothy and she was a munchkin, naturally). it had been so exciting to watch her grow up. i started at carrollton in the 7th grade, and loved (almost) every second of it. sacred heart is a very special network of schools. they teach courage and confidence, and raised women and men to be well rounded, orienting their education around the five goals.

carrollton is in the heart of coconut grove (my favorite part of miami), and backs right up to the water. the campus is decorated by cupcakes and peacocks. it's definitely a weird place, but in the most special way. our class rings read caritas vincit omnia, which translates to love conquers all. who wouldn't love being surrounded by that every day?

like me, isa is an aspiring actress who is currently in the middle of her college auditions. it was so special to be able to go home and share this experience with her, and of course, being able to visit my favorite place in the world!