lauren + josh's central park elopement was nothing short of a dream. between lauren's glowing smile and josh's spunk, these two were a match made in heaven (or whatever you believe in). this was their last big city adventure before their move out west (the next day!!) and i am beyond grateful that i got to share it with them. they also took the time to write some of the kindest words, and i will forever cherish this covid-friendly-minimony.

shelby is incredibly easygoing and flexible, with a genuine focus on making your day true to you. during our consultation in the weeks before the ceremony, it was evident that we would be comfortable in front of the camera with her in charge. aside from asking for a handful of specific family shots, we gave her full creative control of the day, and i can’t put into words how beautifully her vision came to life. looking through her portfolio ahead of time, i admittedly expected the photos with my husband and family to be gorgeous given her clear editing and shooting talent. needless to say, my expectations were very high for the full album. as we opened our album for the first time, we were absolutely blown away by her ability to capture the emotions of our guests during the ceremony. the photo of my mom tearing up, my best friend grinning ear-to-ear while holding my bouquet, and the sweet soft smile of my father-in-law leaning in closer to hear our vows better are all moments that i didn’t get to experience during the ceremony, but will now forever be a part of that day for me. through photos, she managed to make an already perfect day full of even more joy and emotion. what she provided for us was absolutely priceless and i will be searching for new moments for her to capture in the future.